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All requests for a merchant account begin with completing and submitting the Request to Process ePayments form.  In order to complete the form, you need to be able to answer the following:  

Merchant Information

  • What service or activity will my "business" provide?
  • Is my activity ongoing or is it short-lived?
  • What is my expected monthly sales volume (number of transactions and $ volume)?
  • What is my source of funding for startup costs and ongoing account maintenance?
  • Where will I conduct my business?
  • Do I require custom software/external shopping cart that will be purchased or licensed from a third party vendor?  Have I reviewed BPPM 70.24 regarding software acquisition? Have I talked to purchasing about my software acquisition? Who will conduct the software search?  Who will be involved in the selection process? What are my selection criteria? Is the software PCI compliant? Who will make the final selection?
  • Who will fulfill the various staffing roles required by WSU e-commerce?
  • What is my privacy policy with regard to customer data?
  • What is my refund policy with regard to purchases?
  • How will my software interface with WSU's enterprise billing and receivable system?
  • If my business is web-based, am I ready to provide a link to the website where the merchant account issuer can view my refund and privacy policies? If not, when will I be able to do so? I understand the link to my policies must be provided before my application can be processed.


  • Who has the authority to review and sign the Request to Process ePayments form?
  • Who has the authority to review and sign any third party contracts or agreements, including pass-through agreements?
  • Who has the authority to review and sign the Merchant Agreement if it is the internal Departmental Merchant Agreement?  Who has the authority to review and sign if it is an external merchant agreement with a third party vendor?

If you're ready to setup a merchant account, please complete the Request to Process ePayments.

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